It’s time to retire your flat iron and celebrate your curls. The innovation in curlers is Strawllers. They are long, simple to use curlers that will create luxurious, elegant looking hair. Stop damaging your hair with excessive heat damage through blow dryers and burning heat and switch to the soft, feminine beauty of sumptuous looking hair.

The pressure has been on women for many years to straighten their hair. There are many actresses, singers , dancers and women who work in corporate America who are continuously frustrated that they feel that woman with straight hair have more opportunities in careers than women with curly hair. The straight hair looks better on camera and so the snowball effect has happened. People see women in the media with straight hair and feel that that’s how they are required to look to be beautiful. It is the model women feel they need to design themselves after. How soon have we forgotten the great icons of the world, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce? Curls are beautiful.

Women of ethnic background seem to struggle with this as well. They feel they are more accepted in the community when they follow what fashion dictates and that happens to be straight, shiny hair. This can be very difficult when your hair is naturally curly. It has come to my attention that the pressure for having the perfect hair has become so intense that it has even started to risk the health of many women. Women who are African American spend so much time and money straightening their hair they have started to forgo exercise routines as the heat could spoil all the work that has gone into getting their hair straight. Why is curly hair unacceptable? Why are we trying to all conform and not celebrate our natural birthrights and heritage and the differences between the ways we look? Wigs and weaves are a thriving business as millions of women are trying to cover up what they have. Could it be the grass is always greener syndrome?
Having said that some of us do have harder times then others with our hair. We don’t roll out of bed looking like a movie star.   70% of women in the world have naturally curly but not curly enough to look styled and not straight enough to be straight. The daunting task of having to do their hair every day can be overwhelming.   

Strawllers addresses these issues. This product celebrates our natural curliness and helps us to make them more defined and controlled. Invented by entrepreneur Marc Wells, he came up with the idea when he had met a friend at a dinner party who had her hair full of sublime curls. It was there that he learned how many women use drinking straws to curl their hair because the length of a straws allows you to twist your hair around the entire length of the tube allowing for faster drying time and longer hold. Long curlers are not available in stores so many women would stock up on straws as a curler alternative. The downfall of straws is that they are not easy to use to keep your hair in place and they come in limited sizes. This is where the idea to come up with a new curler was born.

Strawllers comes in five sizes depending on the type of curl you are looking for. They are color coded to help make it easy. Pink is the tightest curl and green is the largest. Sometimes you want a different size of curl depending on the look you are going for or it just could be that you prefer a tighter curl over a softer one. It doesn’t take long to apply them to your hair. Once you have used them to curl your hair depending on your hair type, the curls could hold for up to a week. It has also been proven that you can even go to the gym and keep up your regular exercise routine and it won’t affect your curls.

Strawllers can be found online at their webstore or at various shops in New York. They are currently planning to expand to other retailers in Miami, Chicago and throughout the UK. The online store also offers a how to section that includes step by step instructions on how to use your curlers to create picture perfect hair. They are also launching a product line including shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray that will be available shortly.

I think this is a great product for women who are finding less time in their daily routines to spend on their hair. We want to be strong, powerful and beautiful. If Strawllers is able to help us be glamorous, sexy and healthy as simply as possible then why wouldn’t every women want some?
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